The roller shutters open horizontally and occupy a minor space. According to that, it allows a maximum space in or in front garages. Profilist's roller shutter garage door leaves a space in the ceiling area so it can be used for storage or lighting. The roller shutters can be installed also, hiddenly or visibly, in structures, in front of doors or windows. The profiles of the roller shutter are manufactured in 0.7 mm, 1 mm and 1.1 mm sizes. The profiles's thicknesses are variable according to the intended purpose of their use.

The galvanized profile is very solid and resistant. It can work without any problem in grand dimension and areas such as 10 mt x 10 mt dimensions.In case of a power failure, the roller shutter can easily be controlled manually. Variable coating, painting, and choice of motors allow the user a maximum performance and benefit.



  1. Manufactured in 0,7-1,1 mm thickness.
  2. This profile can be used on doors that can size up to 10mtx10mt (100m2).
  3. Can be painted with electrostatic paint in the color desired.
  4. Possibility to print advertisement or any kind of printing on the roller shutter.


  1. Manufactured in 0,7-1,1 mm thickness.
  2. Pressed on a special mold.
  3. The microholes on the roller shutter allow the air and light getting through.
  4. The microholes allow violent wind to come through and therefore, the roller shutter does not get damaged.
  5. The entrance of air and light for day or night shops.
  6. Resistant to the wind.


  1. Manufactured in 0,8-1 mm thickness.
  2. Specially mold windows are put on the profiles. If the customer desires, a plastic part can be placed in the hole of the window.
  3. Allows the light to come through.
  4. Ideal for fabrics, factory, studio, etc.