The Fire-Marc E120 type smoke curtain (without sprinkler) prevents the spread of smoke. It directs the smoke to smoke removal systems, thus ensuring the safe evacuation of people and saving material values from exposure to smoke and combustion products.
Fire resistance limit: 120 minutes without sprinkling.

  • The smoke curtain system to be used is in the operating system designed and installed in accordance with EN 12101 standards.
  • The Smoke Curtain motor is under continuous braking. When the signal coming from the fire detection system comes to the panel, the brake automatically opens and the curtain goes down by working with the "Gravity Fail Safe" system.
  • Smoke Curtain in the E120 feature was tested in a laboratory with laboratory Akriti International and Turkey.
  • Each side of the curtain fabric is covered with approximately 30gr / m2 polyurethane and it is made of stainless steel wire reinforced glass fiber with a total weight of 450-550 gr / m2
  • The curtain fabric has 2 hours of fire resistance at 600 ° C. (Certified)
  • Motor: Tubular Type

220 V - DC

200 - 300 W

All motor shaft and equipment are in a casing made of 20 x 30 galvanized steel.

  • Control panel 24 V CD and 6 Amp. It is powered by a battery and is automatically activated in case of power cuts.