Inflatable dock shelters are used at the loading docks of warehouses and food manufacturing plants equipped with freezing rooms. Keeping strict control of temperature at the desired level is crucial. During loading/unloading operations, a trailer partially backs into the dock sgeşter while the top and side airbags inflate around the truck body's top and sides providing tight sealing. When not in use, the airbags deflated.

This dock shelter can be controlled from a dock leveller control unit having the special function of shelter operation control. It’s highly recommended to install Wheel guides and shock columns in front of the loading dock when using this type of shelter. The shelter is mounted using the suspended method of installation.


It is specially designed and manufactured.

Provides high sealing between vehicle and building

It is manufactured with high security, and the risk of damage to the system by the vehicles is minimized.

To apply to various types of vehicles and door knows.

It provides the opportunity to be adjusted according to the vehicle height during assembly.

It helps to protect employees from outside weather conditions by reducing the choice of high temperature or cold.

It can be coordinated with automatic control.

Its cushions, which swell on both and upper sides, work with v-shaped These cushions are inflated with a .2 kW, 415 V 3-phase fan motor and are damped by the counterweight system when the fan unit is turned off.

There is a protective roof on the upper side of the system. This roof is 875 mm from the wall.

The side cushions surround the vehicle, while the upper cushion provides the necessary insulation by descending 1200 mm.

The fabric used is 1000 denier cords fabric and dyed with a nylon-wool mixture, polyurethane-based paint.