Biene Folding Type High Speed PVC Doors are high-tech doors that can be used in any building with high entry-exit traffic with their superior designs.

They are functional door solutions that prevent loss of time and energy in environments requiring rapid transition, and provide work safety, protection of gas, food, dust, air-conditioned areas.

Our systems have different models for indoor and outdoor installations and the main body consists of Polyester curtain in different colors. In automatic door systems, they are one of the fastest doors and they are very practical and useful doors from production to usage. The product is of domestic production.



MFZ (Germany) 

(Special Engine for Fast PVC Doors)

Control Unit I

BENINCA / Italy, LCD Controlled

Opening Speed

1 m / sec. Option to add Mitsubishi integrated speed driver for fast opening and slow closing

Wind Resistance

80 km / h.

Safety System

Hidden photocell eliminating the risk of impact and manual opening in power cuts and faults


PVC imported  (Germany)

Collection Straps

Frequent according to the study, not easily deformed special belt system.

Wind Bar

49 - 53 cm between, corrosion-resistant, ends plastic plugs bar system

Heat Resistance

- 30 / + 70 C °

Guide Plates                           

Electrostatic painted or flat galvanized on 1.5mm thick galvanized sheet


Prepared according to door dimensions and skylight system