EI120 automatic fire curtains (with irrigation). The most suitable innovative option is to separate the building into safe sections when a fire breaks out, preventing the flow of smoke, carbon monoxide and flame. It allows the region to be taken under control, the successful evacuation of people, reduce the potential harm, and eliminate the fire source.



  • Fire-Marc Shield fire curtains prevent the flow of smoke, carbon monoxide and flame by dividing the building into safe sections when a fire breaks out. It enables the control of the area, the safe evacuation of people, the reduction of potential damage, and the fire source's destruction.
  • When the alarm signal works, the curtain descends automatically with the graving system's help and with the effect of the lower strip weight. The upward movement of the curtain is with the help of an electric motorBesides, the system remains functional for 72 hours in a power failure thanks to the independent flux available.
  • The curtain's descending speed is 0.15-0.20 m / sec, and it can be adjusted according to preference.




Firetex 1100 (Curtain fabric is single layer )

Fabric Weight:

660 g / m2

Total Weight:

680 g / m2


It is made of 1.5 mm thick galvanized steel sheet. The box is sealed on both sides with a lid so that the box edges are airtight and the shaft motor torque can be detected. The dimensions of the box depend on the dimensions of the opening covered. 


It is made of galvanized sheet steel. Profile thickness is 2mm.


  • If the EI120 Premium model is also requested, water can be used from the sprinkler system available in the facility. When using water 1 mt 0.08 I / min. Water consumption is needed.
  • If requested, a small door (pocket) can be added.