The LABEL NEXT 75 automation system is designed to control the opening and closing of swinging doors in indoor environments where safety, absolute quietness and fluidity of motion are essential requirements.


The mechanism system opens the wing with the engine and closes it with the engine.

Mechanism Dimensions: H 60mm x W 74mm x L 420 mm

For the application of the mechanism, a 16 cm base is required on the wing.

Suitable for sliding and elbow arm use

There is a manual position selection switch on the mechanism as standard.

(Normal Auto Use / Wing open / Lock)


Two Way Traffic

One Way Traffic

Door Is Always Open

Night Lock

Wing Free

Shoot and Exit

Wind pressure resistance adjustment can be made on the system .

Opening and closing speeds can be adjusted

The system can be used semi-automatically. Automatic opening when touching the door leaf


Can be connected to all access control systems

Energy: 230V, 50 Hz.

Maximum Wing Width: 1400 mm

Maximum Wing Weight: 250 Kg.