Manual Revolving Door is made with three or four wings with its own profile system. Thanks to the horsehair brushes attached to the upper, lower and side edges of the revolving door wings, the glass and aluminium are prevented from getting unwanted dust, wind and insects during the door's operation. The ceiling part is covered with aluminium plate, and the mechanical part can be easily reached by opening it when desired.
Maintenance and service are provided easily without hindering passage, and a manual lock system is applied upon request.


Manufacturer Origin :


Production y melt :


Company and Material Quality Certificates :


Protection class :

IP 54

Noise level class :

Class A (less than 70 db)

System operating temperature range :

The system works between -20 ◦C and +60 ◦C.

Number of wings :

3 or 4 wings

Sash glasses :

8.76 mm transparent laminated

Side wall windows :

8. 00 mm clear tempered

Profile color :

Natural Matte Anodized , colored opaque anodizing, RAL color or matt powder coated, matt or shiny stainless or stainless specially manufactured edu is administered.

Movement system :

The system moves easily thanks to the bearing bearings located in the lower shell above the ground . Motion bearings from the high place effective because it works over time is the moment of dust, dirt and water influenced on labor. The bearing system, which provides movement in the upper ceiling, is provided with a multi -directional roller bearing, which brings its service life to very long periods . Bogie high traffic loads and operating according to another frequency that has not.

Manual revolving door suitable for automatic :


Folding feature of the wings (Break-out) :


Wind insulation on the wings :

Horse hair natural brush is used on the wings .

Canopy inner ceiling :

Ceiling checkered aluminum p anel with k should aplasia d and when required by opening the canopy b death d e maintenance and inspection can be performed.

Lighting :

There are stainless-framed led lighting lamps . These lamps on-off switch at any time by means of burnt s öndürülebilmekted i.

Locking system :

It is locked with a manual night lock .