Revolving doors are ideal where climate control is a priority. Offered in two, three and four-wing models, these doors direct the traffic flow by separating the indoor and outdoor environments in a superior manner.


Motor and Gearbox Group:

Bonfiglioli ( Italy )

Engine Power:

0.37 kW 50/60 Hz

Working Temperature Range:

-20 ° C / + 60 ° C

Door Control System:

Standby doors that close with the user's çalışmay start. At the end of the adjusted time, it stops in the position initially.

Wing Glasses:

8.76 mm Affairs transparent laminate

Side Wall Glasses:

8.00 mm transparent tempered


Natural matt anodized or dyed in requested RAL colour

Wind Isolated on R in:

Natural horse hairbrush is used on the wings.

Canopy Inside Ceiling:

Diamond-patterned aluminium sheets


There are stainless-framed led lighting lamps. These lamps can be switched on or off with the on-off switch whenever desired.

Locking System:

Engine lock with locked / off is taken to the position and the door grass substituents it to is locked.



Normal Working Position:

It is the position where the door works when entering and leaving from both directions.

Older Barring Topic Is:

A button on the door in both directions when pressed door and adjusting work were followed rotates with slow speed and then automatically to no comparative three passes to get used to the speed.

Manual Position:

If desired, it can be used manually.

Night Locking Position:

Door lock position to take the night by taking as electro- can listen.

Continuous Rotation Position:

It rotates continuously at the determined speed.



Heel Safety Pneumatic Bands:

ASO Safety Solutions Emna located longitudinally below the crossfeed belts sayer the blades pass G's case to impact the door ur and contact completely cut line is activated after the mean EC.

Column Em intention System:

2 presence s Recent r with rotating blades curved sidewalls in the showers to eliminate the possibility of jamming the r.

Emergency Stop Button:

Emergency shutdown to stop the door module and the door to the adjusting work were followed rotates with slow speed and then automatically to normal three switches to speed operating.

Power Failure:

The system of any bottled in having to absorb ap of the manual available to pass water to networks has been designed.