The aluminium roller shutter is ideal for malls, storage units, garages of building complexes, and spaces where there is a need for second security control. This roller shutter is made from aluminium polyurethane filled or aluminium extruded slats. The aluminium extruded slats can also be perforated, or a window can be added. The aluminium roller shutter system can work with a single-phase or three-phase motor according to the area where it will be used and the power needed.


Due to its aluminium structure, it is stainless, resistant to the weather conditions and light.

The aluminium roller shutter resolves the solar radiation. In the summer and winter, it ensures a ± %25 contribution to the thermal insulation.

It ensures a drop of 10 decibel in the area applied due to its sound insulation.

Favourable to any coating or painting so it can be painted in the intended colour.

Comparing to the polyurethane profile, the strength of the extruded aluminium is higher.

It is running more quietly.

It can be integrated into the automatic control systems of buildings and workspaces.

Produced by the extrusion method.

Quiet operation.

Increased safety compared to the SL series.

Electrostatic paint is made in the desired colour in the RAL colour catalogue.

Has an aesthetic appearance.