Where Are Hangar Doors Used?

Where Are Hangar Doors Used?

Hangar doors are preferred in many areas with a wide and large area of ​​use today. Places such as various industrial environments, shipyards, and aircraft hangars are areas where these doors are used.

Providing the heat balance in the environment, insulating the cold air, and showing resistance against factors such as wind and dust are some of these doors' features. Hangar doors are one of the durable door types that are suitable for use on some building facades. Recycling facilities where various kinds of active work are carried out are also areas where these doors are used functionally.

Hangar doors can be designed according to the environment to be used. If desired, the material qualities can be determined according to the requirements here. Thanks to their durability for a long time and their ability to open and close conveniently, they provide satisfaction inefficiency.

Telescopic Hangar Doors

Telescopic hangar doors are generally specially designed products for helicopter and aircraft hangars. In the opening and closing systems of these doors, some steel ropes are supported. There is a door motor part that enables the system to operate in the profile located just above the tarpaulin hangar doors.

The upward-opening of the door is possible with the engagement of the motor tie drum system. This system supports the inner plates to overlap each other by wrapping them on the steel rope parts. In this way, the door is opened upwards.

The steel ropes distributed equally on the telescopic hangar doors also allow the weight distribution at the same rate. This plays an effective role in minimizing the overall load capacity. Telescopic station doors are moved by a button integrated into the panel system. When these buttons are kept pressed, the door moves, and when released, it stops at the relevant point. If the door comes to the upper or lower parts during its movement, then the stopping process will be automatic.

Telescopic Hangar Door and Top Rail Mechanism

There are many different components in the design and system of telescopic hangar doors. The top rail mechanism is one of them. Each department has its own working capacity and dynamics. The upper rail mechanism in these door types includes some important features.

  • Painting with various zinc-based paints,
  • Profile parts are made of steel,
  • Having a minimum of 2 sets of wheels on the door wings,

The upper rail mechanism in these doors generally includes some such features in its design. Wheel groups are the most important part of this mechanism. Because these wheels can prevent danger by immediately activating in the event of a possible derailment of the wings, depending on the situation, they can easily change it if necessary. These wheels, which are very durable and robust, can give long-term use.

Telescopic Hangar Door and Lower Rail Mechanism

The lower rail mechanism stands out as one of the important parts of telescopic hangar doors. This mechanism is designed from rail steel components that provide good resistance to corrosion effect. In some cases, since the wings of hangar doors can be dislodged due to an excessive pressure load or crashes, the solid rails become functional at this point.

Lower rail channel quality in a form for displaying the strength in such cases the design was n. There is a minimum of 2 sets of wheels equally on both sides of the door wings. These modular wheel parts can be changed practically in case of a problem.

Telescopic Hangar Door Engine Mechanism

The motor mechanism in the telescopic doors helps to open and close the door as long as it is pressed. Working with a power rating of about 380V, 50Hz, this motor 12Mt / Dk-15Mt / Min. It supports the opening of the door with its speed.

Some audible and light warning systems are activated on these hangar doors during the movement of the door. With the motor's support, the systems always keep moving when the door is in an operational position. If there is a power outage in the relevant environment, the doors can easily be opened manually with the motor's help.