Spiral Fire Doors

Spiral Fire Doors

Spiral fire doorsThese are the doors that are manufactured from galvanized steel and serve as a safety barrier between the safe area and the areas where high fire is used, mostly in industrial factories.

Spiral fire doors have an indispensable importance in terms of occupational safety in industrial factories. The only factor that protects dozens of workers working in these factories from high temperatures and combustible fire is the spiral fire doors.

Galvanized steel; The material formed by the mixture of molten zinc, iron and steel is called galvanized steel. The most important feature of galvanized steel is that it does not reflect the heat to the other side. This steel spiral is used in fire doors as well as in roof sheets and in many areas such as aircraft industry. Galvanized steel is more durable than other metals.

Spiral Fire Doors Usage Areas

The usage areas of fire resistant doors are quite wide. There are fire stairs and fire doors in every environment where there are more than a certain number of people. Rolling fire doors can also be used in these places. However, these doors are mostly used in the industrial industry.

Some of these industries are:

  • Iron and steel factories
  • chemical industry
  • paint industry
  • automotive industry
  • Mining managements

These doors, which are used effectively in the above-mentioned factories and enterprises, are used in many enterprises that produce with high fever.

Advantages of Rolling Fire Doors

The spiral fire door has advantages according to its intended use. Some of these are those;

  • No matter how high the temperature inside, it does not reflect this heat to the other side of the door.
  • Since these doors are usually automatic, they are easy to open and close.
  • Rolling fire doors are very resistant to fire.
  • In case of any fire, it also traps the smoke inside.

These are the biggest advantages of spiral fire doors. However , the biggest advantage it provides to businesses is that it protects the personnel working in the businesses from the hot zone.

Spiral Fire Door Technical Specifications

Spiral fire doors are mostly produced in the form of shutters that open upwards. These doors are resistant to high fire up to hours and are smoke-proof. Doors can be opened and closed automatically.

The motor to which the automatic is connected, like the door, is resistant to high temperatures for up to 6 hours. In addition, when necessary, it can be turned off automatically and operated manually. Thanks to the remote control connected to the automatic system, it can be opened and closed without approaching the door.

Spiral Fire Door Prices

Spiral fire doors are mostly produced according to the dimensions of the places to be applied. The company also provides installation services for the doors it produces. But there are also ready-made measures that are frequently used. The thickness of the steel used and the size of the area affect the price of these doors.

You can get prices according to your measurements by contacting the prices of spiral fire doors in standard sizes by phone or mail.